SONG RELEASE: "Giza is Gone"Live at Dancing Skulls 7-23-21

Updated: Apr 13

It seems appropriate that we release the title track for the band first, and give some background to the story behind it.

Band Name: Ok, now the full show is completed, and we need a band name. The second song in the show is called “Giza is Gone”, and while creating the video (using a guy in Pakistan via Fiver) my song concept was that “Aliens came to Earth 5000 years ago to teach mankind to build these huge Pyramids in the desert.... only to return centuries later to come take them back as they were a needed resource back on their home planets” Making us the OFFICIAL 'Ancient Aliens tribute band!. Try selling that creative via the internet to a guy in Pakistan, but he created a video and we decided that would be the name if the project! below.


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