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"The Slug" (Official Video)

"The Slug" from their full 90 minute special presentation. Filmed live at Madlife Stage & Studios in Woodstock, Georgia August 10th, 2022. Giza Is Gone: Raymond Hemms- Guitars, Composition, & Production Michael Scott - Bass Rick Gatheman - Drums STREAM THE FULL SHOW AT: / @gizaisgone4488 Special Thanks to: Visualdon - Visuals and Digital Art Beeple - Visuals and Digital Art Activision- Visuals and Digital Art Andrew Doyle - Animated Logo Garin Reese - Star Song - Writer and Acoustic Guitar Simon Stone - Less Than Zero (Beats) Giza Is Gone Production Crew: Raymond Hemms - Director, Executive Producer, and Post production Audio Kyle Lanzillo - Video Editor & Camera Operator Sebastion Bartlett - Stage Manager (Band) Madlife Crew: Steven Morrison - Chief Audio Engineer Mason Hughes - Video Engineer Joey Klouda - Lighting Director JJ Beacham - Live Audio Engineer

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